For Researchers

For Researchers

Whether you’re a faculty member, post doc, or graduate student, Innovation York has a myriad of services that can support your research and innovation activities.

Research Agreements

Have a research agreement for review or need an agreement drafted?

Industry Research Collaborations

Looking for an industry partner for a research project or research internship opportunity?

Community Organization Research Collaborations

Looking for a community organization for a research project or research internship opportunity?

Research Communication & Dissemination Activities

Want to learn more about how to effectively communicate and disseminate your research results to the public, government, industry or community organizations?

Commercialize Intellectual Property

Want to protect your intellectual property and get assistance in licensing it or creating a start-up venture?

Entrepreneurship Support

Need assistance in building, growing, or scaling your for-profit or non-profit start-up venture?

Incubator and Maker Space

Have you created a start-up company and you’re looking for incubator space or looking to build your prototype?