The Side-Hustle Program

The Side Hustle Program



Get started On Building Your Side-Hustle Now!

The Side Hustle Program is designed to help you explore those entrepreneurial ideas that have been brewing in the back of your mind for days, months or even years! With our three-phase approach, this program will help you validate your business idea/concept, develop the necessary skills to get ready for launch and as well as provide you with valuable coaching support.

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Side Hustle Program Components

Often times, many of us have business ideas percolating in the back of our minds but we just don't know how to quickly validate or identify the best opportunity for success.  Innovation York has designed two workshop sprints providing a path for you to identify, validate, and build the foundation needed to get your side hustle started.

A large part of a side-hustle is identifying an opportunity that matches with your expertise skills, but what happens if you don't have those skills such as digital marketing or setting up an online store? Innovation York has partnered with General Assembly to develop and deliver a series of workshops focused on supporting the development of specific skills for York University students and the community at large required to make their side hustle a success.

Workshops will be announced after completion of Phase 1 (Ideation & Validation). These workshops are brought to you by:

Once you've completed the sprints, Innovation York's entrepreneurship team will meet with you for a 45-minute consultation to provide initial feedback on the business. These sessions will also be used to discuss specific business challenges and identify potential solutions. The frequency of the coaching sessions after the workshop sprints will be dependent on the "side-hustler" as they will own the mentorship relationship.

The applications are now closed. To learn more about the Side Hustle Program, please reach out to