Strategic Entrepreneurship Plan - Student Consultations


The year 2020 has been an unprecedented and sometimes difficult year. It has been a time when we’ve had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, change how we do things and ultimately, change the way we look at and approach the world. York students have shown great strength and resilience as they responded and continue to respond to the COVD-19 pandemic. Students willingness to adapt, to try new things, to be innovative demonstrates that York truly is an entrepreneurial university.

Entrepreneurship is not just about creating start-up companies, at it's essence entrepreneurship is about identifying challenges in the world and trying to solve them with new an innovative solutions. This is the essence of entrepreneurship at York; York students are a community of change-makers who do not accept the status quo.

The University is creating a strategic plan for entrepreneurship at York, so that we can build new programs and provide students with more resources. The plan will create a foundation on which we can develop entrepreneurial initiatives across campus, it will provide students with more opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, to have meaningful entrepreneurial experiential learning opportunities and for those who are interested, the support needed to create entrepreneurial ventures. We want to hear from you, the students – what do you need, what is important, what should we prioritize first? Your input is imperative if we are going to successfully create and implement this plan.

Those who participate will be entered into a draw for a $100 prepaid VISA card! We look forward to receiving your feedback on this draft Strategic Entrepreneurship Plan: