When to Contact Us

Picture of person signing a document.In conducting your research, you may receive research agreements from a third party (e.g.university, non-profitorganization,  company, government). All research agreements are to be sent to Innovation York for review. Innovation York will work to ensure that your rights are protected and that the agreement is in compliance with York’s policies and procedures.

An ORS CheckList can be found on York's Research website.  It is required for all funding agreements and any agreement where York is making a financial or in-kind contribution to your research project. If an ORS Checklist was submitted with a related funding application, Innovation York will not require a second copy.

In conducting your research, there may be times when you need to approach Innovation York about putting a research agreement in place:

    • When you want to send material to an external party
    • When you want to send information or data to an external party
    • When you want to send money to an external partner for participation in a research project - excluding the transfer of tri-counsel grant funding, which is completed by the Grants & Applications unit.
    • When you want to have a confidential conversation
    • When you want to collaborate with another researcher or a research partner

If you encounter one of these situations or a time when you think you might need a research agreement, please contact Andrea Thomas, Research Awards Coordinator (x. 33780) to discuss.