Find an Academic Research Partner

Picture of hands in unity.Every aspect of our daily lives incorporates and benefits from intellectual assets that at some point relied on basic research that was conducted at universities. The Innovation York team can help industry navigate the York University research community and find academic partners to support innovative research collaborations.

How does the industry-liaison process work?

  1. Contact Innovation York with any questions you may have about the industry liaison process.
  2. Submit a completed and signed Project Disclosureto Innovation York.
  3. Meet with an Innovation York team member to discuss your project.
  4. A scan of the university will be conducted by Innovation York to identify suitable academic partners.
  5. Innovation York will contact potential faculty members to determine their interest in your project.
  6. Innovation York will execute a confidentiality agreement between York and your company so that you can discuss your research project and partnership needs freely.
  7. Innovation York will set up a meeting with the faculty member in order to determine whether a partnership could be formed and will provide advice on potential funding mechanisms that could be used to support the partnership.
  8. Innovation York will execute the research agreements required to move the partnership forward.