Commercialization Process

BusinessPlan[1]The Innovation York team will support the commercialization of intellectual assets through a collaborative, hands-on process that provides creators with a suite of services.

How does the commercialization process work?

  1. Contact Innovation York with any questions you may have about the commercialization process.
  2. If your invention is in the design-led, digital media, internet of things, and cultural industry space, you may be eligible for Innovation York's Creative Digital and New Media Technology program. Please see the following link for more information and use the following Invention Disclosure to disclose your invention to Innovation York.
  3. Submit a completed and signed Invention Disclosure to Innovation York.
  4. Meet with an Innovation York team member to discuss your intellectual asset.
  5. An initial review is conducted by Innovation York to assess the patentability, as well as the commercial, economic, or social potential of your intellectual asset.
  6. If the intellectual asset is accepted into the commercialization portfolio, an IP Agreement is signed between the inventors and the University, appointing Innovation York as the commercialization manager.
  7. Innovation York will then determine if you need to pursue research funding opportunities, intellectual property protection and/or commercialization advice.
  8. Innovation York will initiate the process of commercializing your intellectual asset, which may result in an option, license, or start-up company creation.

To ensure the effective commercialization of your intellectual asset, at any point in this process, Innovation York may recommend that a disclosure be made to one of our key commercialization partners: IP Osgoode, Mars Innovation and ventureLAB™.  In some instances, there may be opportunities to work with other external commercialization partners, for example: GreenCentre Canada, The Centre for Drug Research and Development, and Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine. If you choose to work with Innovation York to commercialize an invention, we take on the costs and risks of advancing your discoveries/intellectual assets to market and provide you with access to commercialization expertise and experience; both you and York share in the financial success.